The village

The village is located at the foot of high limestone cliffs, on a small terrace 1 located at the confluence of two rivers, the Lot and the stream of Vers.
It was formed in the Middle Ages around a castle, a castrum probably essentially defensive which depended from the Counts of Toulouse. It occupied a strategic position in the valley and was laid up in the late fourteenth century.
Within the old village, still stand various districts:


  • Castrum Islet, at the edge of a terrace overhanging the river, some buildings have been recently, landscaped in communal equipment.
  • The heart of the ancient village, accessible via the old bridge and the place of Planquette, which extends into a suburb along the Rue du Mas de Lucet parallel to the left bank of Vers,
  • And at the entrance, on the right bank, a core bounded by a circular barry surrounding a medieval tower called "des Chartreux"

The more recent history brought major upheavals whose village retains significant traces. The current organization is inherited from infrastructure works carried out during the nineteenth century for the modernization of transport. With the development of inland waterway downstream from Cahors, the edges of the Lot have been upgraded and over 1,000 boats passed in Vers. The lock was built in 1836 is still today being called into service for the boating. For the creation of a road along the valley of the Lot, a new axis has been drilled in the old village, with a new bridge built in 1862 by engineer Montois, whose main street is still called after him today. In pursuing this work, the old church, deemed "unsafe" was demolished around 1860 and replaced by the present church which was rebuilt in 1874 following a new focus on the open road. Upon arrival of the railway in 1886, building an embankment and a bridge has cut the village from the River. New areas were developed around the station, now converted into housing and enhanced by a mural original. The village has inherited, through all these changes, a complex organization, with picturesque and varied environments. The discovery of the low side neighborhood towards the banks of the waterfall and with the mills, the large shaded area of communal, reserves often surprises to visitors attention.


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